SOLUTION La Sportiva

SOLUTION La Sportiva

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Soft, precise, revolutionary. Fits like a glove. The Solution to all your "problems".
A revolutionary rock shoe developed specifically for bouldering. Whatever technical problem the rock presents, the “Solution” rock shoe gives you the support you need with the most innovative technology to overcome the boulder move. The upper uses Lock Harness System® technology, which hugs the foot from the inside and combines with the unique deep heel-cups to ensure maximum flexibility when hooking, on incuts and overhangs. The randing system P3® (Permanent Power Platform) is the active part of the shoe which gives it its versatility and works in synergy with the base of the foot to spread and maintain tension through time. The innovative Fast Lacing System® combined with the tongue in elasticized fabric ensures optimal adjustment of the internal volume.


    Upper: Suede leather combined with microfiber.
    Lining: Pacific + tongue in Lycra®
    Fit: Medium.
    Midsole: Anatomical midsole in Hytrel combinedwith the P3 system.
    Sole: Vibram® XS Grip2 3,5 mm.
    Patents: P3 System (Permanent Power Platform), Fast Lacing System, Lock Harness.
    Sizes: 33 - 46 (including half sizes)
    Weight: 440 g (pair, size 39)

  • PLUS

    + Maximum grip.
    + Fast and precise lacing system.
    + Maximum performance for heel andtoe hooks.
    + Molded 3-D heel cup in ultra grip rubberfor secure heel hooking.

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