Bora Shoe Butora Kids'

Bora Shoe Butora Kids'

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Bora shoes are specially designed so that future champions start to take their first steps in the vertical world. Thanks to the single-strap fastening system, they are easy to wear and super comfortable! So much, that kids will play in them as if they were wearing sneakers.

The material is very flexible and conforms nicely to the shape of children's feet. The wide hook-and-loop fastener is extremely easy to handle, even for small children's hands. That way, the young climbers can slip the shoe on and off all by themselves. The outsole is made of an extremely sticky rubber compound and makes those first steps on the crag or climbing wall much easier. The shoe also looks really cool-looking - it's bound to turn some heads.

  • Hook-and-loop closure design for easy on-and-off.
  • Contains non-textile parts of animal.

Sizing / Fit: Size up 2-3 sizes from your child's normal street shoe size. These climbing shoes run a bit small but are adjustable, so sizing up two sizes ensures that the shoes last a bit longer and are comfortable for your special little one!

Kids Size

    Midsole Stiffness: Neutral
    Tension: Performance / Tech / Comfort
    Asymmetry: Low / Moderate / High / Very High
    Upper: Synthetic
    Midsole: -
    Sole: -
    Last: Flat, Slightly Asymmetric
    Lined: No

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